Axel Dumas

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Take the stage, come together, open the movement, adjust the pace, take off,
glide, repeat. In unison, rider and horse collect, release, collect, release. And we,
spectators, each time that impulsion is created, that the horse soars, celestial,
towards an air of the heavens beyond, feel our hearts beating fervently, our
breath short. For show-jumping is, fundamentally, a precipitate of hopes.
What is this pleasure unfolding before our enthralled eyes? Daring and mastery,
elegance and precision, instinct and movement, aesthetics and restraint.
How felicitous – because the house of Hermès, as you know, holds these qualities
in very high regard.
Wouldn’t you agree that they are beautifully matched?

Chief Executive Officer of Hermès


© Collection Rmn-Grand Palais, Mirco Magliocca

© Collection Rmn-Grand Palais, Mirco Magliocca



This is the eighth edition of the Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, and once
again it’s living up to all its promise. Over the course of three days of competition
and excitement, the world’s greatest riders and their mounts will guarantee the
spectacle we have come to expect of this unmissable event in the international
equestrian calendar.
Reviving the tradition of holding horse competitions that thrilled audiences
at the Grand Palais in the early 20th century, the Saut Hermès has become
abidingly identified with this magnificent building over the years. This sporting,
cultural, and festive event sets up a dialogue between the French art of living
and the world of horses, with its codes, its values and its stars. Beneath the glass
roof of the Grand Palais, a gem of French architecture, competitors rival each
other in skill and elegance. Alongside the show-jumping classes, the talented
Florient Azoulay and the intrepid Mario Luraschi have conceived a poetic,
dreamlike performance that explores the mysterious connection between man
and his faithful steed. With both technical virtuosity and a magical equestrian
show, the Saut Hermès is in full swing under the celebrated vaulted roof of the
Grand Palais.

President of the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais

Olivier Ginon

Portrait Officiel de Olivier-Ginon

© Elisabeth Rull



The Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais, now in its eighth edition, is still the focus
of all attention at GL events. Once again the group is renewing its support for
the house of Hermès to ensure the success of this key event for the international
elite of 5* show-jumping.
In terms of personnel and technical know-how, GL events mobilises all its expertise
to serve horses, riders and their admirers. With dependable skills acquired
at successive Equita Lyon and Fédération équestre internationale (FEI) World
Cups, the group has become a key player in organising international level events
in equestrian sport.
Sylvie Robert, Director of Equestrian Events at GL events, and her teams work
hand in hand with Hermès during this fixture which brings together horses,
excellence and beauty.

Chairman of GL events