Equestrian show

Hermès has invited the creative duo I Could Never Be a Dancer to design an original equestrian show for the fourteenth edition of the Saut Hermès. Transcending borders and eras, the choreographers have brought artist Samuel Hafrad together with the Hasta Luego and Impulsion companies for an unprecedented journey on horseback to the frontiers of pop music and the desert.

Photo credit: Joseph Daniel

L’allure d’une aventure

In the arena, the scenery changes in time to an impetuous gallop, and the neon lights of a city twinkle as a horse emerges from the shadows. In his pursuit of freedom and driven by curiosity, the rider travels from the wilderness to a cosmopolitan city.

Riding bareback, this modern horseman crosses great plains, valleys, sandy deserts and cities on his journey. Trials await, encounters give him strength, and stories are woven together. Owlle’s hypnotic music and Jean-Paul Lespagnard’s shimmering costumes accompany him on this epic journey. Dancers, trainers, acrobats and their horses surround and jostle our hero. Will he eventually find his place in the world?

Finally free, the rider launches into a wild gallop around the arena of the Grand Palais Éphémère. Just like our hero, let yourself be carried away by this dreamlike equestrian adventure.