The horse is far more than Hermès’ first customer. It is also its favoured partner in designing a saddle or any other riding equipment. This affinity enables Hermès to devise and to assemble these objects in perfect proportion to the horse.

At Hermès, there can be no equestrian sport, and no good horseman without a happy horse, keen to enjoy an outing at an even trot, or face fences in a jumping competition. The horse is therefore the house’s inspiration for all design. A partner with whom Hermès maintains a dialogue and has fun at all times. For no creature is more playful than a horse. But for this, it must be in perfect harmony with its rider. So, Hermès has sought to improve the technical excellence and performance of its equipment. Whether it is a question of bridles and saddles, riders’ outfits or accessories for the animal’s wellbeing. Today, every saddle is doubly bespoke to suit the rider and the horse, in order to offer the greatest possible synergy between two beings in movement. Hermès and the house’s master saddler Laurent Goblet work in close collaboration with partner riders and their horses when devising each new saddle. In the workshops at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, cutting-edge technology joins forces with the craftsmen’s know-how. Together, they are used to design each saddle to the exact measurements of the horse that will wear it.