Hooves of the Heart

The charity Les Sabots du Cœur (Hooves of the Heart) is an extraordinary duo of human and horse which champions living at the end of life.
Photo credit: Jérémy Lempin

It was in 2013 that Hassen noticed the surprising cognitive abilities and instincts of his show horse, Peyo.

The horse seemed to be drawn to sick and frail people who attended their performances, spontaneously seeking to comfort and soothe them.

The charity was registered in 2017, and the duo are now taking part in scientific studies with veterinary surgeons and hospital doctors.

Peyo has beneficial effects on patients, reducing the need for anxiolytics, morphine and painkillers and alleviating stress for the sick, their families, and medical staff.

The joy that Peyo brings to the patients he meets, both children and adults, is the greatest testament to the value of his presence.

Thanks to the horse’s ability to connect, patients feel empowered to open up about their most personal thoughts, dreams and desires.

Financing and arranging funerals with sensitivity is also part of the charity’s mission.

Offering comfort to the departing and to those who remain, the charity provides kindness and serenity during this pivotal time.

Step by step, hoof by hoof, the charity works to provide humane end-of-life support.

Photo credit: Jérémy Lempin

You can donate to Les Sabots du Coeur by scanning the QR code or clicking here.

Your donation will give rise to a tax receipt and will be deductible from your taxes within the legal limits.