Axel Dumas

Axel Dumas

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The tenth Saut Hermès at Grand the Palais is here. For ten years, in this very nave, we have assembled seating, brought in sand, built obstacles, welcomed the horse and the rider, and offered it all up to an audience of connoisseurs and novices.
This year, this very special edition, has led me to reflect on the joy of repetition. In high-level sport such as we see here today, repetition is at the very heart of training, as training is at the heart of success. Musicians and actors do it too, so that the symphony, the scene, or the big jump are tirelessly rehearsed until the day of execution, of performance, of success.
In our workshops and manufactures, I am regularly fascinated by the repetition of the craftsman’s action, this august action which leads to the creation of exacting, beautiful and durable objects. Within the repeated action is the notion of honourable perseverance, because it brings us closer to perfection, sometimes even to grace.
To what is excellence ultimately owed? Very often, to diligent repetition.

Chief Executive Officer of Hermès


Chris Dercon

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From 22nd to 24th March, the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais is hosting the tenth Saut Hermès. The Saut Hermès is an exciting annual event offering audiences the unforgettable spectacle of the world’s greatest riders competing under the largest glass roof in Europe. Reviving the tradition of equestrian competitions that has marked the history of the Grand Palais, the Saut Hermès is an unmissable event on the international equestrian scene.
Beyond the competition, the Saut Hermès celebrates the magnificent relationship between human and horse. The connection with the Grand Palais, a showcase for art since its origins, is far from incidental: from the Lascaux caves to Leonardo da Vinci, from Géricault to Degas and Kandinsky, the history of western art is inconceivable without the image of the horse.
The Grand Palais is delighted to be hosting an event that celebrates daring, elegance and talent, year after year.

President of the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais

Olivier Ginon

Olivier Ginon

© Elisabeth Rull


GL events is partnering the tenth Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais. The teams at GL events Equestrian Sport work hard to make this remarkable competition a success, and to showcase the horse and the world’s finest riders.
GL events apply their know-how to make the Saut Hermès an unforgettable event for spectators of all ages.
All the expertise of Sylvie Robert and her teams is deployed to make this wonderful interlude a true celebration of excellence and beauty.

Chairman of GL events